Saudi Arabia Unveils Its Vision For A City Without Cars And Streets

When we think of a modernized city, we imagine high-end cars and beautifully built streets connecting different corners of a city. However, a picture otherwise never crosses our minds. But this is a dream-turning reality in Saudi Arabia, which is known to be one of the most fast-developing countries in the world.

The idea for the concept of a country without cars and streets was unveiled by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman and called THE LINE. The central vision for this model is to construct a zero-gravity vertical city, connecting different communities. It is a concept using the technological development of Smart City, which is designed to be 200m wide, and 170km in length, above sea level.

Smart City

His Royal Highness mentioned that this is a revolution for the entire human civilization, which puts forth a radical change in urbanization and town planning. This proposed model is meant to bring a drastic change in the challenges faced by humans and bring alternative ways to lead a valuable and comfortable life.

The design of THE LINE

The central vision of NEMO is to urbanize cities and follow a different approach to free communities from roads, cars, and the toxins it releases into the atmosphere. Some of the features of THE LINE are:

  • It is designed to accommodate over nine million residents, which is ambitious compared to other city infrastructures.
  • It will be built on renewable energy resources, which puts residents’ health and well-being in the driver’s seat.
  • THE LINE is designed in such a way that essentials and other services will be close to people, preferably within a five-minute walk.
  • It will also have high-speed rails and other services, which will help in faster and safer transportation.
  • The idea of a vertical city is meant to produce a seamless, 3D-dimension experience for its residents. Amenities like parks, schools, and other places of public use are intended to be built vertically.
  • The exterior of the city will have greener surroundings to provide its residents with a holistic approach and the city’s exterior will be a mirror façade to provide a magical and extraordinary experience.

Reasons to love THE LINE

Here are a few reasons people love THE LINE and are eager for its launch:

  • Designed for the future: THE LINE is predicted to be one of the most innovative cities ever built, with AI technologies implemented at its core. It is also expected to generate 40 million dollars of revenue from its infrastructure alone.
  • Zero emission: Since the project excludes cars and streets, there is minimal room for air pollution. Hence, it is beneficial for the environment and the people living in the city.
  • Improved quality of life: With the application of new and enhanced technologies, life will be much easier, with a decrease commute time, easy access to daily necessities, and many more.
  • Controlled Population: The urbanization of The Line architecture helps control population density, thus reducing human waste. A careful level of city planning also plays a significant role in its development.

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