Myths About COVID Vaccines And Kids

The year 2020 is etched in people’s memory as the year of COIV-19. From young infants to 100-year-olds, everyone has suffered the effects of the pandemic, one way or another. However, the drastic impact of COVID-19 has reduced significantly, thanks to the mandatory vaccination campaigns in different countries. But, if you are still weighing the pros and cons of getting vaccinated, especially for your kids, this article is for you!

We have mentioned some popular myths circling COVID vaccinations for kids. However, due to an enormous amount of information online, it is essential to differentiate between facts and rumors.

Can COVID vaccination affect a kid’s heart rate?

According to researchers and experts, vaccination does not affect a kid’s or even an adult’s heart rate. However, in rare cases, health professionals have seen inflammation in the heart walls due to suspected mild immune response, a condition called myocarditis. However, the solution to this problem is found in ibuprofen. Therefore, parents must note that COVID-19 disease poses a greater risk of myocarditis when compared to vaccination.

Can COVID vaccination affect a kid’s fertility?

This is a severe myth that has circulated on the internet for some time. Many studies have shown that the antibodies produced after vaccinations do not affect fertility in men or women. Nevertheless, there are numerous cases of women who got pregnant after taking the vaccines. According to the Center for Disease Control, COVID symptomatic pregnant women are at higher risk of needing ICU admissions and preterm birth.

Are there any Long-term side effects of the COVID vaccine?

COVID vaccine

Severe and persistent side effects from COVID vaccinations are rare. Although you can face slight discomfort after taking the vaccine, it should diminish within weeks. Many effects like swollen lymph nodes, fever, and other signs are reasonable indications, which prove the vaccines’ response to the virus in your body.

Will the COVID vaccine impact a kid’s DNA?

Many researchers and health professionals say the answer is a straight No! COVID vaccines contain a genetic material called mRNA, instructing the body to treat the COVID virus as a foreign body and fight against it. Hence, if the coronavirus enters the body in the future, your body will already be trained to fight against it.

Are all kids eligible for COVID vaccination?

Since COVID vaccines are free of allergens and synthetic materials, everyone above 12 must consider vaccination. In addition, it is essential for those kids that have a compromised immune system and suffering from problems with blood, kidney, lungs, etc.


COVID-19 vaccines are a boon to society, which helps reduce the rate of community infection and prevent your kid from being extremely sick if exposed to the virus. Unfortunately, most of the rumors circling the internet are concerns regarding vaccination. WHO and other global health organizations have evidently and successfully busted these myths and are promoting for people to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

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