Il 'suicidio' di Epstein e un ponte in Brooklyn
Data: 11/08/2019
Argomento: USA

Se lo stato e i suoi media corporativi vogliono che io creda che Epstein sia davvero morto, dovranno mostrarne il corpo e consentire a una parte neutrale di prelevare un campione di DNA. Dovremo vedere le riprese della CCTV di ciò che è accaduto in quella cella. Non credo più alle cose che ci dicono lo stato, le sue istituzioni, le sue "strutture correttive" e i mezzi di propaganda. Tutto deve essere verificato in modo indipendente.
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Epstein’s “Suicide” and a Bridge in Brooklyn

Is it even remotely possible pedo trafficker for the elite, Jeffrey Epstein, killed himself in a suicide-watch, ligature-resistant Manhattan jail cell?

Epstein didn’t kill himself. He was killed so there wouldn’t be a trial and the perverse crimes of a psychopathic elite wouldn’t be revealed to the commoners. I predicted this on the day he was arrested. Jeffrey Epstein’s days are numbered.

If the state and its corporate media want me to believe Epstein is in fact truly dead, they will have to show the body and allow a neutral party to take a DNA sample. We will have to see the CCTV footage of what happened in that cell. I no longer believe what the state, its institutions, its “correctional facilities,” and a propaganda media tell us. Everything must be independently verified. 

Listen to the first minute of this video:

No trial now that Epstein is dead. There will be civil lawsuits, and possible criminal charges brought against Madam Ghislaine Maxwell (one degree away from Mossad), but I’ll bet the farm we’ll never find out—beyond an ex-president, a prince, and a rogue’s gallery of celebrities—the names of the elite participants in Epstein’s rape, trauma, sex slave trafficking, and blackmail operation. 

Meanwhile, the seat warmers in Congress are demanding an investigation. No doubt this will stop short of actually finding anything out. 

JUST IN: Dem lawmaker calls for congressional investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's death

— The Hill (@thehill) August 10, 2019

Now that Epstein is supposedly dead, this story will move from the front page, making room for more false flag news, possibly another mass shooting by a cartoon white supremacist, or maybe a confrontation in the Gulf or closer to home where Bolton and crew are starving the Venezuelan people to death.

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