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Postato il 08/03/2021 di cdcnet


To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies... Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.
Klaus Schwab
Time for a great reset
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Nice words, you might think. Who doesn‘t want to have a better world? Nearly everybody, I guess, but the same elites who made the plans at the WEF [World Economic Forum] and other institutions are to blame for the world they created: a world with wars, killings, and pollution by big companies which they own. There's also the Internet of things and they made some parts of the world a real disaster. The financial crisis is another example, which they try somehow to fix. But we the people are not asked and have no influence on the outcome. In a democracy, they should have the consensus of the people, that‘s why we can speak about an EU dictatorship.

The Dictatorship Unfolding

Although a lot of demonstrations are going on in Europe, it‘s not enough. The problem facing the people is not COVID-19 but their very bad economic situation, which is out of control due to the totalitarian green new deal, which is illegally forced upon them. Unfortunately, only about twenty percent of the Western EU citizens are awake and are seeing that the pandemic, which to my opinion has long been ended, is being used for the green new deal plans and so to speak 'enslave' the population for their climate change experiment. I wrote a lot about it in recent months, but we are now seeing it unfolding right in front of our eyes. The depopulation agenda is also working at full speed. Some very terrible messages are coming out of Israel. It already had a bad reputation on human rights issues, the suppressing of Palestinians and illegal bombings of Syria, but that was just a rehearsal or prelude for the things that are going on there right now. Israel is the example for many EU countries especially the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and Austria. Things are different in Russia. According to this video, Moscow is alive and EU cities are dead. Russia is apparently not totally complying with the WEF plans.


Hailed by Western countries as the real and only democracy in the Middle East, after many Jews were persecuted in WWII, which was of course, despicable and awful, they themselves (partly) turned into a right-wing extremist state. We are now in 2021, seventy-six years after the war and Israel has turned into a right-wing extremist society. Yes, also n Israel, you can find right-wing extremists. The settlers are right-extremist: they steal land and kill Palestinians on a daily basis because they think they are the superior race, the chosen people, as mentioned in their Torah. They consider themselves the people of God and the rest are Goyim. Their state, 1948, is based and dependent only on military and security laws, and they have engaged in many wars since 1948. Now their new ‘war‘ is the war on their own people. A totalitarian COVID-state has arisen. People get their so-called freedom back when they are vaccinated. Without that, you are a sort of pariah and can‘t go to shops, theatres, cinemas, concerts, sports, work, school or travel. Of course, the vaccinations are all voluntarily, but with so many restrictions for non-vaccinated people, we can speak about a two-class society. Non-vaccinated people, whatever their reasons are not to be vaccinated, are labeled as being conspiracy thinkers and even called dangerous for the state. Listen to this video from a citizen from Israel and you get a real bad feeling. Is this the world we want to live in or leave behind for our children, I ask you?

Will The EU Follow Israel Soon?

The most amazing or despicable thing I would call it is that even politicians in Europe seem to like the idea of a totalitarian green health state, like a politicial party in the Netherlands, called D‘66, with partyleader Sigrid Kaag, married to a Palestinian lawyer. She was the formerHead of the OPCW-UN Joint Mission in Syria of the OPCW. She should be quite scared, after seeing things happening to Palestinians over the last seventy-six years you might think, due to her private life experience. But she and her party are promoting a covid-health-totalitarian propaganda-state based on the Israeli model. She and her party are most likely paid, or indoctrinated by the deep state (WEF). Her party is also part of the anti-Russia propaganda. Also, the religious differences of Sunni and Shia are part of her strategy, as she once stated in an interview during a work visit to Lebanon. She despises Hezbollah or the Shia religion and calls them terrorists. Also she despies President Assad, who she sees as a child murder. This is the retoric of the so-called Syrian oppostion, consisting mainly of extremists who used the Sunni religion for war. So, she and her party are part of the war coalition and are pushing for the extermination of the Syrian people. And Israel is the ultimate example for her and her party.

Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and Denmark

In Germany, the totalitarian state was announced by Chancellor Merkel this week in her monthly press conference about the Covid-19 situation. The strategy, as she laid out, is vaccinating, mass testing and a new tracing APP called Luca. The aim is to track people, and eventually in three months or so, begin using the ‘green‘ vaccination passport, based on the same principles as in Israel. With this vaccination pass, you can enter shops, theatres and so on. A two -class society, will emerge, and in principle, this is a violation against human rights, as laid out in the various constitutions of EU countries (Article 11 in the Netherlands for instance).

Of course, the vaccine is not mandatory, but without the passport, you are an outcast in society and perhaps not able to work anymore or go to school. So they press to make it mandatory, that‘s the next step. If you can implement so-called COVID-19 emergecy laws, you are ruling par decree and can ignore the parliament. This happened already in Germany and the Netherlands.

The same idea applies to the Netherlands, which is a little behind in their strategy, but the same totalitarian ideology is propagandised in the regular MSM outlets. Denmark already has a passport. In Austria, the mass-testing has failed so far. Prime Minister Kurz went to Israel this week for a new strategy. There is much upheaval in Austria, especially from the FPO political party. But so far Kurz and his government are there to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic is politicized to implement a new green totalitarian society with the elites in power!


If there is no real opposition from political parties or the people, Europe will be turned into a “green“ totalitarian health state full with restrictions and we will happily be enslaved in a future where you own nothing, have nothing and are very happy. Of course, the elites have everything and are very happy. Russia so far is only country opposing the health passports, as Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov pointed out in a press conference:

Lavrov: "The introduction of a COVID passport violates the of freedom of vaccination. People will be forced to get vaccinated if they want to travel. In the meantime, people in Europe can hardly live a life without traveling within EU countries. Let's see what will come of it in the end. I hope that a decision is made with consideration for the interests of the citizens of the EU and is not imposed“.

By Sonja van den Ende
independent journalist


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