End Of The Us Empire: Russian War Ships Just Arrived In The Philippines

The well-known American critic of foreign policy and linguists, prof. Noam Chomsky has stated several times that US power has steadily declined since the end of World War II. As Chomsky notes, in 1945, the United States possessed “half the world’s wealth, an incredible defense, controlled the entire western hemisphere, the two oceans, and the opposite shores of both oceans.”

(Photo: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (4th L) gestures with Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Igor Khovaev (3rd L), Russia’s Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov (5th L), and other Philippine and Russian officials in front of the Ka-26 anti-submarine helicopter at the anti-submarine navy ship Admiral Tributs at the south pier in Metro Manila, Philippines January 6, 2017. REUTERS / Noel Celis / Pool )

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